Dragomi Synthesis @ Love Burn 2024

New Dragomi Light Panels!

We received a large art grant for Love Burn 2024!

Come experience the new and improved light panels we are building for the new Dragomi Art Car!
Complete with synchronized flame effects using our custom built Dragomi programming system.

Come join us February 15th in Miami Florida

New original art built by Dragomi Arts and AudioPixel.

Dragomi Synthesis is a monolithic interdimensional communication device with interactive light panels and triggable flame effects.
The Dragomi spirit is reemerging and has profound messages of light and synchronized fire to share.
Come join the reawakening by catching pulses of vibrating color and immerse yourself in life-sized geometric light codes that are directly responsive to your touch!

More Details coming soon!

Lots of new art projects and announcements soon!

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